Steamec Oy and Amitec Oy business deal agreement

We have pleasure to inform, that basing on the negotiations, starting in September 2018, Steamec Oy and Amitec Oy came to an agreement, that Steamec aquires Amitec Oy Kauhajoki business unit activities, including previous Done Logistics and Fidaco Logistics activities. These activities are transferred to sole property of Steamec Oy. This acquisition has no infleuence to Amitec Oy other business units. The parties do not disclose the value of the transaction.


This agreement includes the transfer of seven person to Steamec Oy service.

This acquisition strengthens Steamec’s know how and product scale and supports the growth strategy of the company. Steamec vision is to get the primary supplier of industry. The company will serve the customers as well in Finland and around the world. Steamec has already long experience of tailored automation project in various industry.

  • This business area fits us very well, as we both are working in project business, and thus this acquisition widens our product offering. We do our utmost to carry out the works always better. We have a pleasure to inform having received a certificate “Growth Company 2018” by Finnish Kauppalehti, says Vuokko Yrjänäinen (CEO, Steamec Oy)
  • We wanted to find the operator, who can continue and develop our Kauhajoki business unit, which has realized some most demanding projects of the company for world wide known customers, Amitec Oy future business plan is to concentrate on its core business only. To gain this goal we prefer not to continue operating in material handling business, and this way to enable continuity of the business activity, which has been realized the resent decades, tells Tomi Bosnjak (CEO, Amitec Oy)

Additional information:        
Aaltonen Timo, Vice President, Sales, +358 400 565 724
Bosnjak Tomi, CEO, Amitec Oy, +358 40 300 2251


Steamec Oy is a Finnish company, designing and realizing customized industrial projects, for various branches. Our offering consists from complete automation projects to single machines. We are carrying out updating projects of existing lines, for speeding up, increasing capacity, updating the safety issues and improving ergonomics.

After this acquisition we have more than 20 professionals employed. Steamec Oy HQ is located in Kurikka, manufacturing and assembly in Kauhajoki.

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