”We are on the path of growth, because we want to be. We have an inner fire, we want to go forward.”


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”We are on the path of growth, because we want to be. We have an inner fire, we want to go forward.”


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The great risk will bring great opportunities

The principal shareholders of Steamec, Vuokko Yrjanainen and Timo Aaltonen, are not afraid of challenges. The bigger the deal, the greater the opportunity.

The management of the company and on purchases in Vuokko Yrjänäinen says that Steamec has become an interesting player in the domestic market. Some of the growth has also come from exports.

“We are on the path of growth, because we want to be. We have an inner fire, we want to go forward, sales and deliveries, which Timo Aaltonen notes.”

Steamec Ltd was established in the year 2013 core competency are customized and highly refined solutions for wood processing and metal industry. In addition, the company has produced, among other things, our company has been manufacturing a grenade disassembling line for armed forces.

Always unique

Each project has been a unique, two of the same kind has not been seen at Steamec yet. Yrjanainen stresses that finding the solution starts always from the customer’s point of view.

“We listen to the customer, that what he really wants to. After that, we will tell, what the customer really needs to get the best solution available, Aaltonen summed up.”

“We will be able to give the customer something as soon as on the the first visit. We will bring added value by doing it that way. Our business is based on the technology and innovative thinking, as well as traditional Ostrobothnian way of taking risks, he says.”

Yrjanainen ads, that as a general rule, customers have been convinced, as long as we have been made to the negotiating table. The biggest challenge is to find the potential customers, to whom Steamec would be to provide a solution for their problems.

On growth path you must dare

Steamecin drivers believe that actions speak more than words. For example, a couple of years ago, the company received the order, valued at EUR 1.3 million. It was far more than the company’s net sales was at that point.

“That project showed our ability, we were able to deliver the project in schedule. The startup of a pulp plant would have been late abroad, if we had not been successful. Since then, we have delivered many new projects for that client, Aaltonen explains.”

At the moment, Steamec employs 20 people. The five-year target is set, that the company’s turnover will double in that period, which also means quite a many new jobs. The most challenging is to find qualified sales personnel, who know how to act in the demanding market segment Yrjanainen says. Sales negotiations often last for a long time and in large scale projects there is many parties to negotiate with, whom all have their own perspective.

“We must be able to demonstrate, how fast the large investment will earn itself and how many employees it can replace, Aaltonen says.”

“The dream project would be such that we would have opportunity to manufacture two of the same kind of equipment, which would give us the benefit of multiplication, so we wouldn’t need to solve all the technical challenges again, Yrjanainen states.”

The growth must also be looked from exports. To date, Steamec has had interesting openings in Sweden, so it was the first country of destination. Yrjanainen tells, that Steamec has participated Swedish trade fairs in the fall of 2018.

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